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creative pedagogy

embodied facilitation and leadership

inclusive learning


participation and wellbeing 

Movement Network South West supports an ongoing educational program with three distinct strange:


Formal Youth Education

We work closely with schools in the region, offering creative movement workshops for all, delivered through after schools clubs and extra curricular education programs. We also work with a focus on supporting neuro-diverse and second language English pupils through embodied creative pedagogy.


Professional Development and Embodied Leadership

We lead continued professional development courses with a focus on Embodied Creative Leadership, problem solving through participatory practice, and with a focus on promoting sensate dialogue through corporeal, creative collaborative activity.

Wellbeing in Community 

We lead on community and participatory learning with a focus on health and wellbeing. Our work is supported through developing creative practice to sustain wellbeing through promoting self expression, self confidence and individual wellbeing through creative participation and collaborative learning.

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